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Articles in "IPTV"

Rovi and Broadcom announce that Broadcom latest IPTV platforms will support DivX Plus Streaming. Lightweight and easy to implement, DivX Plus Streaming brings features historically associated with Blu-ray discs to the over-the-top entertainment experience. The joint solution will help media player manufacturers to optimize the development and launch of products that offer advanced transmission experience.

REDtone International Bhd, a database and provider of broadband services listed on the Malaysia’s stock market, has embarked on a strategy of divesting assets. REDtone is no longer in the hyper-competitive Internet protocol television (IPTV) business and wants to focus completely on the growth of broadband and data services market for the following year, according to a source in the enterprise.

A House of Lords committee has told the British government to consider the possibility of ending the "wasteful" broadcast of television content over the airwaves. In a report on the UK's broadband infrastructure published recently, the House recommends that the rise of IPTV presents an opportunity to free up spectrum for mobile devices.

The global market for Ad Insertion Servers is seen to reach US$235.7 million by the year 2018, driven mostly by the global media’s transition towards digital format, and the increasing demand for high quality video content over satellite, Internet, cable and IPTV networks. Widespread awareness about revenue enhancing potential of targeted advertising also favors growth in the Ad Insertion market. Market is also favored by the declining cost of Ad and Video Servers, which enables their adoption across a wider market segment.

Good old cable TV will continue to be leading the way in which consumers around the world get their pay-TV service, but its reign at the top may be nearing an end, according to a report by Infonetics Research estimates and study of telco IPTV, video cable and satellite video services.

TiVo has its very first pure IPTV play. Com hem of Swedish IPTV provider has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with the US-based company DVR under which Com Hem’s 1.74 million connected households have access to traditional TV content, VoD, OTT and applications by traditional TV viewing methods.

The launch of the much-awaited YouView, free-to-air IPTV service backed by the BBC and friends is moved to a later date, but it's getting close. The service should make its long-awaited arrival with a splash during the Summer Olympics in London next month. Now that is not going to happen, a BBC executive lamented.

Mobile network Orange has resolved to purchase, by January 2013, 51 percent of the video site Dailymotion it not already own for more than € 72 million, according to media reports.

It should not come as a surprise at all. When Orange got 49 percent of Dailymotion for around € 60 million investment in January 2011, it was described as a "two-part transaction, others to follow shortly."

A report from Digital TV Research predicts that the year 2013 will be a very good year for pay-TV revenues in North America. It will also be the point from which revenues subsequently drop off almost US$91 billion to US$88.2 billion by 2017.

Asia Pacific is undergoing a boom in digital TV with a penetration seen in the increase from 36% in 2011 to 83% in 2017, around 440mn new homes added to the digital TV service, according to a new report from the United Kingdom firm Digital TV Research.

China alone is expected to provide additional 268mn digital TV homes, with India adding an additional 82mn. The two countries are described as having a "huge" influence over the region, largely because their population of 1 billion-plus. By 2017, they are expected to provide digital TV home 541mn combined or three-quarters of the total Asia Pacific.

NetUno, went a step further to make available to the public the most advanced telecommunications technology. This time it's the launch of television in the Internet Protocol IPTV in one of the largest hotels in Latin America, Megapolis Hard Rock, which opened last April 16 in Panama City, Panama.

Researchers responsible for SES Astra Ibérica have met the media recently in Madrid, and presented the results of Satellite Monitor Study conducted jointly with Canal +. Luis Sahún, Head of SES Astra Ibérica has been in charge of presenting the findings, but he just talked about the origin of this study and the status of audiovisual and DTT in Spain.

"We have been working on this project since 1993 in Spain. We are industry leaders in our country but have not been recognized.

Together with Alcatel-Lucent, Vermont Telephone Company (VTel) recently announced plans to expand the availability of high speed broadband services such as Internet TV (IPTV) and video-on-demand to subscribers in its telephone service territory in Southern Vermont.

The Karlsruhe TV portal specialist VideoWeb, in collaboration with Zattoo, recently for the first time allowed a linear live TV service via the Internet to stream directly to your TV. The online TV application now continues to bring more market premieres of the new Teletext and HbbTV which will include RedButton function of the flat screen TV.

Rupert Murdoch's media giant is once more involved into a new hacking scandal, accused of killing rival TV company. This time News Corp is accused of eliminating a rival to its Sky TV empire in the United Kingdom by hacking into its IT systems – with the help of a German hacker and a clandestine website NDS, a secretly News co-owned company.

According to a news report, the chip maker wants to expand its presence by entering through the front in the multimedia business. Intel is currently making its own set-top box and envisions itself as a "virtual cable operator" providing Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) in a bundle similar to cable TV, reports business newspaper, Wall Street Journal. It has already developed a user interface for users to browse programs and is pitching media operators that it seeks to gain a platform to launch its Internet based Pay TV service, which it hopes to do later this 2012.

Pay TV giant Foxtel in Australia has proposed terms relating to its proposal of $1.9 billion merger with fellow Austar pay TV, which may result in a number of premium content unlocked for use by competing platforms such as emerging Internet video and businesses FetchTV and Quickflix.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) said in a statement issued this week announced it had begun consultation on the compromise proposal offered by Foxtel regarding its proposed acquisition of Austar.

The Internet is becoming more important as a distribution for television as IPTV begins to provide live television. This opens up new risks for the content and equipment providers. Between the analog television era and today's digital programming, there is much diversity in technology and content as well as economics.

However, the next target for big business is IPTV. Internet Protocol Television mean only the first salvo, television programs and movies over the Internet has already come into the fold.

The possibility of IP subscription television in Colombia is almost a reality. Currently, Emcali is testing the technology and the structure packages to be launched. Soon, the company will begin offering the subscription television packages through the IP system. The offer will be 90 channels in standard and high definition.

Videoplaza, the world's leading management platform video advertising for publishers, today announced it has received a second round of funding worth $12 million from Qualcomm Ventures and Innovacom. The funding will accelerate the global expansion of the company and ensure sustained product leadership following the evolution of video ad inventory to new devices and platforms. After a good 2011, Videoplaza has increased its international customer base and has more than five times the volume of ads served in the past year. The company has opened new offices in Madrid, Berlin and Singapore and works with a customer base in 17 markets worldwide.

Determined to revive its failing IPTV service, Spain’s Telefónica banged on the table to substantially improve its pay-TV service, which operates under the brand Imagenio and that can receive over 70 channels via broadband networks (ADSL and optical fiber).

To do this, Telefónica recently launched a new Imagenio, renewing the technology platform that supports it and that from now on will be provided by Microsoft.

Malaysia has introduced a new Internet video service which will help the government deliver information, news and other updates to the public in the country, according to media reports.

The IPTV channel, 1MalaysiaIPTV, can be visited online from all Internet devices, PC or mobile, while dedicated applications for BlackBerry, Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) will provide additional access points for Malaysians.

Time Warner Cable recently announced the upcoming launch of HBO’s online video offerings, HBO GO and MAX GO.  The companies will run a short beta trial and then the service is expected to launch to all Time Warner Cable viewers who subscribe to HBO in January. Time Warner Cable customers who subscribe to HBO or Cinemax will have free, unlimited access to the corresponding online services 24 hours on any computer within the U.S. with a broadband connection, as well as a host of other devices, including the  Apple’s iPad.

Sony is reportedly experimenting with a new TV service that would bring content from providers like NBC, News Corp. and various cable channels directly to viewers through the Internet. Compatible devices would most likely include Sony TVs, Blu-ray players and video game systems. Tech insiders say next-generation online TV could soon be a hotly contested battle zone between Sony, Apple, Google and others.