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Articles in "VOIP"

As Facebook aims to enter the VoIP market, consulting firm Strand Consult studies the impact it could have on the mobile industry. Since its beginnings 10 years ago, Skype was responsible for a major shift in the market for international voice traffic, and it associated customers to a very disruptive price: free.

South African companies are plagued by the theft of telephone lines, an endemic problem that is disrupting vital business communications and causing thousands of rands in losses. The country's major operator of fixed line telephone, Telkom, apparently lost an average of 20 million rand a month because the thieves are still attracted to the copper wires, which are then sold to overseas buyers at higher prices.

The inventor of VoIP, magicJack VocalTec, continues to outperform the larger telephone companies like Verizon Communications. Year to date, VocalTec is by 61.05%. Verizon in contrast, has risen by 15.06% only.

Visiongain, an independent business information provider for the Telecoms, Pharmaceutical, Defence, Energy and Metals industries, the author of a recent report looking at mobile Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) market over 2012 - 2017. The report examines both the mobile VoIP market and the impact that LTE is the mobile VoIP. In the current VoIP market, it sees revenue up to $ 2.5 billion.

VoIP business phone systems and VoIP service provider,, has launched a special bulk-buying discounts to all businesses in the construction industry which will allow them to access significant savings on bulk orders of the system phone, VoIP equipment/hosted VoIP services, access control systems, monitoring technology, networking solutions, and more, while also enjoying special technical support and additional incentives.

A Florida-based VoIP carrier cites net neutrality and filed a complaint against a Georgia utility and broadband provider, after the utility company was accused of stealing VoIP services using the network to deliver voice services without even paying for it.

L2Networks files a net neutrality complaint at the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Tuesday, the first formal complaint for the FCC net neutrality rules passed last December 2010.

Internet telephone calls in the US are fast becoming a national security threat that must be countered with new police wiretap rules, according to an FBI proposal presented quietly to government regulators this month.

Skype reports from its official company blog that the company has set a new record – 40 million users. This is a record for 40 million users that have used the service at the same time once, something that happens for the first time in its history. The previous figure recorded in March, was 35 million simultaneous users. In short, this growth bodes well for the future.

The software giant is looking for experts to create a web version of Skype based on HTML 5 and Java. Microsoft has posted a job opening in which asked developers to bring their expertise to the web. The job offer has triggered rumors about Microsoft's intention to create a web version of Skype based on HTML 5 and Java.

Telappliant published findings from a new study which revealed that almost 7 out of 10 businesses in the UK will be using VoIP serrvices by 2013. The survey, which questioned 100 UK businesses from various industries, indicate that 41 percent of UK companies are already actively using VoIP telephony to improve efficiencies within their business, while a further 25 percent have plans to review and implement VoIP within one year. The data also showed that businesses with a workforce of 100 - 500 people are embracing the technology faster than smaller businesses.

Cisco recently announced an update to its line of small business networking, which includes routers and access points that ultimately support the current generation of Wi-Fi. The products are now available. Although many small businesses use network equipment at the consumer level, Cisco products said that they will serve those who require more support and security for remote users and local VoIP telephone systems, and cloud applications.

Skype seems to go from strength to strength and is looking for new staff. Specifically, the company now owned by Microsoft is hosting a recruitment drive to expand its workforce by 400 people. In principle, most of the positions to be filled are for their offices in London and Stockholm, but soon will hire new staff for other cities. Once all the new positions are filled, Skype expects to have 1,600 employees worldwide.

A lot of talk has been focused on FreedomPop’s intention to give away loads of data and connect the iPhone to 4G, but it turns out the operator’s plans to launch a “freemium” mobile broadband service this 2012 are much more radical than known.

Far from being obsolete, the most popular VoIP tool in the Internet continues to set records. Skype, in the hands of Microsoft, has today brought together 35 million Internet users. This breaks current figures and shows the full potential of VoIP service continues.

Skype announced on their official blog a new record in its service. Specifically, Skype has said that 35 million users worldwide simultaneously used its VoIP system, surpassing one million the highest record achieved so far.

Telecommunications companies in the EU are often using the practice of "traffic management" to block Voice over IP (VoIP) and peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing online activity, EU’s Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC) said.

The body said it had set the "common" use of the practices as part of their "preliminary conclusions" in analyzing data on traffic management collected from approximately 400 telecommunications operators in and across the EU. BEREC is composed of representatives from each of the national telecoms regulators in all 27 EU countries, including Ofcom in the UK.

Avtex, a provider of integrated, interactive solutions, recently announced the completion of the acquisition of VoIP Contact Center and Innovation Division of Sage, a respected technology solutions provider and interactive intelligence reseller based in Chesterfield, Missouri in the U.S. As part of the acquisition agreement, Avtex acquired a portion of the intellectual property of Sage’s technical resources and most of the regional Interactive Intelligence customer base.

San Diego’s VoIP provider Computer Support recently announced the launch of the IP PBX HiCap500. The new unit allows up to 500 extensions with up to 100 simultaneous voice conversations.

"So far, the only solutions for large customers of VoIP cost tens of thousands of dollars per location," said Tim Doscher of the support team of San Diego. "The support team brings the quality of HiCap500S to San Diego, reliability and savings to customers with larger offices," he continued.

Patton recently announced the general availability of two new SmartNode family members: the SmartNode 4120 Single / Dual-Port BRI VoIP gateway and the SN-DTA Singe / Digital dual-port BRI VoIP Terminal Adapter.
Patton BRI new VoIP product lines are now in full production, as thousands of orders of single / two SmartNode 4120 BRI gateways and DTA SmartNode (TM) have been met. Patton currently ships hundreds of units on a monthly basis.

Cheap VoIP service propel Rebtel to 15M users

Rebtel, the second-largest VoIP calling company behind Skype, announced major milestones recently that prove consumers just can’t get enough of cheap phone calls.

The company said that it has surpassed 15 million connected users since its launch in 2006. Rebtel users have made over 500 million calls on the service and have run up over two billion minutes of international calls.

Rebtel offers mobile and desktop PC applications that let its users call each other for free, or make inexpensive calls to international numbers. The company’s service is also accessible through any landline or mobile phone without an application. Rebtel just recently released version 2.0 of its iPhone version, which added a first-ever feature to let you hop between voice and data networks during a VoIP call.

Dialog Semiconductor, a provider of highly integrated, innovative semiconductor solutions for power management, audio and energy-efficient wireless communication at close range, announced that chips of the power-saving Green VoIP chip series are now being used by VTech, a world leading provider of cordless and corded telephones.

Qualcomm, in collaboration with Ericsson, has successfully completed the first voice call from a mobile network to a WCDMA network LTE. The two companies have used technology Single Radio Voice Call Continuity (SRVCC) to achieve this milestone. It is hoped that Qualcomm and Ericsson will offer demonstrations of their achievement at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Skype users are in luck this week. Skype, the popular company that allows voice calls over IP (VoIP) today announced the immediate availability the new edition of Skype 5.8 - A version that comes with major improvements, especially on two fronts. It must be said, first, that the issue is available to users of Windows. So, you should expect a good number of users that will begin testing its benefits immediately.

Revolabs Inc recently launched the FLX VoIP, the first wireless conference phone designed for networks with VoIP (Voice over IP). Compatible with a variety of IP switches, the VoIP FLX is the only conference phone that keeps the HD audio clarity while offering the freedom of wireless microphones and speakers.

T-Mobile began offering a calling service for iPhone and iPad users, even though it doesn't market those devices. The operator is expanding its free voice-over-IP (VoIP) service, called Bobsled, to iPhones, iPads and even Android phones. Users with the application can make calls to mobile or landline phones in the U.S., Canada and also Puerto Rico without incurring charges. Users can make the free calls over cellular data networks, which typically charge for the Internet access usage, or over free Wi-Fi.