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SolveForce is introducing its services in North Dakota. Businesses are able to use a number of their Ethernet and phone services. Dedicated T1 lines and T3 lines are available as well as VPN and VPLS for business. SolveForce uses the most up-to-date technology to provide customers with the best service.

Microsoft’s Skype revealed plans this week to significantly improve the quality of the call that now has the open standard of Opus which has received approval from the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) standards body.

Viber, the leading platform in mobile communications offering free HD quality voice calls and text messages and photo, today said that has passed the milestone of 100 million users across multiple platforms of phone that it supports.

California may be the most recent state to enact a law that significantly slows the regulatory oversight of telecommunications services in the state, delivering an important victory for the industry players who have lobbied for the passage of the law.

One Stop Voice announces its support of research provided by Point Topic that predicts the VoIP market to become a $40 billion industry by 2015. VoIP provides an easy and cost-effective way to exchange of voice and video over a single IP network, allowing better service at a minimum cost.

Integrated cross-media Astro Malaysia Holdings Bhd group will present the first phase of new packages of Internet Protocol television (IPTV) at the end of the year through a 10-year exclusive partnership with Maxis Bhd.
Astro has named Maxis, a provider of integrated communications services, as their fiber broadband service provider significantly expand the footprint of the Astro IPTV service and provide service of IPTV content for the next three years.

Rovi and Broadcom announce that Broadcom latest IPTV platforms will support DivX Plus Streaming. Lightweight and easy to implement, DivX Plus Streaming brings features historically associated with Blu-ray discs to the over-the-top entertainment experience. The joint solution will help media player manufacturers to optimize the development and launch of products that offer advanced transmission experience.

The Federal Aviation Administration said it will consider permitting more widespread use of smartphones and other portable electronic devices during flights, while still ruling out voice calls. A government industry group will be formed to review current policies, technological standards and test methods and make recommendations to the FAA, the Agency said recently in a press release.

As Facebook aims to enter the VoIP market, consulting firm Strand Consult studies the impact it could have on the mobile industry. Since its beginnings 10 years ago, Skype was responsible for a major shift in the market for international voice traffic, and it associated customers to a very disruptive price: free.

Alteva, a unified communications (UC) solutions provider and a subsidiary of the cloud-based WarwickValleytelephone company announced today that it has selected to provide new portable telecommunications HD solutions to ABC News at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida, and the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolinafor September 3 to 6.

ShoreTel is promoting the advantages that law firms can be derived from the implementation of its on-premises VoIP business platform with integrated unified communications capabilities.
"ShoreTel is easy to operate and law firms do not need to hire outside help," said a company spokesman said Thursday. "This saves money law firms during the life of the system."

On Facebook, mobile is in everyone's mind, reports indicate people are spending more time using Facebook through mobile applications rather than on PCs. And on Wall Street, investors are putting a lot of pressure on the social network of Mark Zuckerberg to dominate the mobile world so they can accelerate growth and raise its sagging market shares.

T-Mobile UK has quietly removed the option for customers in its only unlimited data plan to tether other devices, which could be a sign that operators are struggling to find a cost-effective way to address the looming crisis to mobile data.

REDtone International Bhd, a database and provider of broadband services listed on the Malaysia’s stock market, has embarked on a strategy of divesting assets. REDtone is no longer in the hyper-competitive Internet protocol television (IPTV) business and wants to focus completely on the growth of broadband and data services market for the following year, according to a source in the enterprise.

South African companies are plagued by the theft of telephone lines, an endemic problem that is disrupting vital business communications and causing thousands of rands in losses. The country's major operator of fixed line telephone, Telkom, apparently lost an average of 20 million rand a month because the thieves are still attracted to the copper wires, which are then sold to overseas buyers at higher prices.

Many Ugandans will continue to fall victim to cheap fake phones and accessories primarily from China, which flooded the Ugandan market. Apparently, the counterfeiters are thriving thanks to the weak counterfeit laws in the country. Uganda is reported to have the highest number of substandard and fake mobile phones in the region.

Microsoft in its blog post recently outlined its position with WebRTC, an emerging Web standard that aims to enable real-time audio and video conferencing on the Web without requiring any plugins. The Redmond company has raised a number of concerns about the current draft specification and publish its own successor, called CU-RTC-Web.

The inventor of VoIP, magicJack VocalTec, continues to outperform the larger telephone companies like Verizon Communications. Year to date, VocalTec is by 61.05%. Verizon in contrast, has risen by 15.06% only.

Vocallo MGW will contract Hitachi to construct the NETTOWER CX-01 to provide enterprise customers the option to merge both corporate data networks and TDM voice networks.

Hitachi has chosen the media processing and wireless applications provider, Octasico's Vocallo Media Gateway (MGW) multi-core DSP platform to use in its hybrid IP-PBX NETTOWER CX-01 for voice media processing in VoIP systems.

A House of Lords committee has told the British government to consider the possibility of ending the "wasteful" broadcast of television content over the airwaves. In a report on the UK's broadband infrastructure published recently, the House recommends that the rise of IPTV presents an opportunity to free up spectrum for mobile devices.

A lawyer for Apple told a jury recently that bitter rival Samsung faced two choices to compete in the booming mobile phone market after Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone in 2007: Innovate or copy.

Rebtel, the world's largest mobile VoIP company after Skype, recently announced the launch of Rebtel for Windows Phone. The app is available for free from now on Windows Marketplace and allows anyone to produce high quality cheap international calls to friends and family thanks to the local Rebtel number of networks available more than 50 countries. Now, Windows Phone app joined the fleet of existing offerings of currently available Rebtel app for iPhone, Android, iPad, Android tablet.

The unified communications game has changed for the Olympics this year. Here's how some of the top competitors are approaching it. The summer Olympics in London will take off with the opening ceremony commencing this Friday, and the game this year is different than the Beijing Games for a number of reasons.

New surveillance laws being planned in countries from the U.S. to Australia would compel makers of online chat software to build in backdoors for wiretapping. Since launch, Skype has been regarded as private, with its strong encryption and complex peer-to-peer network connections making calls almost impossible to intercept. For some time now, the popular video chat service has resisted taking part in online surveillance. However since Microsoft acquired it though, that may have changed today. And we won’t know about it.